Handmade Horse Quilt


Attention Horse Lovers!

Horse Quilt
Handmade Horse Quilt (more images below)

This stunning, one-of-a-kind, handmade horse quilt could be yours!

Our longtime friend and supporter, Trish Fleisher made this quilt and donated it to us to raffle off to a lucky winner.


60″ x 84″

quilt-2 quilt-3 quilt-4


1 ticket – $5
6 tickets – $25

Buy your raffle tickets today for your opportunity to WIN … buy a few tickets for your family and friends … and remember that with every ticket you buy, you’re helping us help horses.

How Many Raffle Tickets?

Raffle runs from June through Labor Day 2016.

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100% of the proceeds from this raffle will go to help horses