The average adoption fee at Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses varies between $100–$1,000. The adoption fee is a non-refundable donation.

All adopters are responsible for arranging transportation for their adopted horse. Discuss this with Ginger Grimes at the time of adoption. Click Here for a List of Horse Shippers.

Dust Devil Ranch adopts to adopters in neighboring states under certain circumstances. You will need to discuss your location with the staff of Dust Devil Ranch.

The horse may be boarded at commercial facilities or the home of family or friends. This must be disclosed on the application, and the facility manager must fill out a boarding agreement that gives Dust Devil Ranch the right to check-up on the horse at their discretion.

Adoptable horses have already been evaluated and treated by a veterinarian, and it has received the necessary rehabilitation. Seldom do these horses require vet care other than routine dental, immunizations, and worming.

It is the policy at Dust Devil Ranch to allow first time horse owners adopt in certain circumstances. We look for individuals with extensive experience who would be riding under the supervision of a professional or has leased horses in the past. It is very important for these horses to be handled by confident people in order to make a successful adoption.

Potential adopters are not allowed to ride the horses at Dust Devil Ranch due to insurance restrictions. Horses may be groomed, led, and turned out to evaluate their movement and soundness. Potential adopters may also request to see the horse ridden by a Dust Devil Ranch staff member.

This scenario seldom occurs since emphasis is placed on adopters having the experience and confidence necessary to handle and train the horse. However, should the horse fail to have the disposition or soundness for the purpose it was adopted, it can be returned to Dust Devil Ranch provided that the horse returns in the same or better condition as to when it left our care.

No. Our adoption contract contains a strict no-breeding clause. As part of our commitment to promoting responsible horse ownership to abused and neglected horses, we hold a responsibility not to add more horses into population.

Registration papers are usually not available unless we get a copy of the papers when they arrive at the sanctuary.

Most of the horses that arrive at Dust Devil Ranch have suffered various degrees of abuse or abandonment, so they often suffer from a variety of injuries. Our goal is to make certain that they heal and become healthy again before they are eligible for adoption. These are rescue horses, not an item to be bought or sold with a “guarantee.” They should be viewed as a gift, not a purchase. The horses were under a veterinarian’s care and have been professionally evaluated by the Dust Devil Ranch staff. Many also have x-rays or ultrasounds on file and can be viewed. A pre-adoption exam may be done on the horse you want to adopt as long as it is done during the adoption process.

A western or english saddle is fine, but make sure it fits properly and the tree is not putting pressure on the horse’s withers. Be sure there is sufficient padding under any saddle used.

It is good practice to use whatever bit the horse is accustom to using. When moving to a different type of bit, do your horse a favor and give it one or two “bitting” sessions so it learns how to “give” to the change in pressure. This will help you get the bit adjusted and avoid accidents.

Monetary donations are the biggest help. Dust Devil Ranch has to raise every dollar it takes to run this mission. Consider the organizations you belong to and determine if they would be willing to send financial support or designate Dust Devil Ranch as the beneficiary of a charitable event. Dust Devil Ranch rescues many horses — we do everything in our power not to turn horses away — but we need broad financial support and many fund-raising efforts. We welcome people who would be willing to identify, inquire, and apply for grants from foundations and organizations that care about the horses. We will gladly supply the needed documentation.

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  • September 3, 2017 - 12:10 pm

    Kerry McKendall

    I have 2 beautiful geldings that need homes. I am moving for work and cannot take them along. One is a paint warmblood and the other is an Appaloosa. Both rideable and sweet. Horse trailer and tack included

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