Another Case of Unspeakable Animal Cruelty


Animal cruelty rears its ugly head once again…

** UPDATE **

In spite of our efforts, due to the severity of his injuries before we found him, Chance passed away. We want to thank you for your donations, prayers and well-wishes for him.

** UPDATE – 04/24/2017 **

Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses
Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses
Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses
Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Animal Cruelty - Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses

Sadly, another case of unspeakable animal cruelty has surfaced.

The sheriff’s department for New Harmony, Utah was notified of a dead horse at a neighboring property late last week. When they responded, they found a dead horse. Deputies told the occupants to dispose of the animal and left without further incident or investigation.

A few days later, law enforcement was called to the home again because of a civil matter. When they arrived, they found that the dead horse they discovered a few days earlier was still not buried. After a further look around, they discovered a makeshift grave containing two other horses that had been buried on the property.

A fourth horse, a colt, was found alive, but severely emaciated. He was brought here to Dust Devil.

None of the three suspects who were arrested and charged with several counts of animal cruelty claimed they owned the dead horses, but stated they believed the horses died from starvation and cold weather.

The Worst Case of Animal Cruelty

Media outlets from around the state are saying that this case is the worst case of horse abuse that has ever been reported in Washington County. The following are links to some of the reporting about this case…

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The Salt Lake Tribune

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Gephardt Daily

Why Would Anyone Abuse a Horse?

You must be asking yourself how anyone could be so cruel to allow these horses to suffer starvation, freezing temperatures, thirst, and ultimately, die. I can’t begin to know the answer. There are no words.

What I do know is that this little colt, by some miracle, managed to survive and now he has a safe, loving sanctuary to recover and move from the grips of horrendous animal cruelty and near death, to romping in a pasture, nibbling grass, receiving regular feedings to give him the nourishment his deprived little body desperately needs, quality veterinary and farrier care, and warm shelter from the winter cold.

As of the past Sunday, this little guy is finally getting what he needs, probably for the first time in his short life. The question is… will he survive? At this point, no one knows. The road to recovery is long and very likely bumpy.

As you can see from the photos, he’s emaciated, his feet, particularly his right rear leg, are in shockingly bad condition, he needs worming, and time will tell what other injuries or damage he may be suffering.

How You Can Help

At this point there isn’t any way to know exactly how long it will take or what the cost of recovery and rehabilitation for this little colt will be, but there’s little doubt it will run into the thousands of dollars.

This is where you come in. We need donations to help us help him.

As you know, Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses is a nonprofit organization. We depend entirely on the generosity of supporters like you to keep us going… and 100% of the gifts you give goes to help the abused horses that come to us… like this guy. We don’t pay any salaries or other administrative costs. Your donations go directly for shelter, feed, veterinary care, farrier care, and in some cases, training. Nothing more.

We know you care deeply and want to give whatever you can… it’s simply that you may not have a lot to give. We understand. What you may not know is that it’s the small gifts that make the biggest difference to the lives of our horses. This means anything you give will help. And your donations are tax-deductible.*

If you would like to make a donation, please use the button above to donate to Chance’s Recovery Fund, or click here. It’s safe and secure and only takes a minute or two.

What Happens Next

Well, this colt is beginning his long recovery now that he’s finally in a safe place here at the ranch. He’s being feed a nourishing diet, he has started receiving much needed farrier and vet care, and he’s getting lots of well deserved love. When the weather improves, he’ll get the long-overdue bath and grooming he needs.

This little colt is learning how to just be a horse. Time will tell how it goes, but we’re optimistic.

As for the three defendants who are responsible for the death of the three horses and suffering of this colt, that is in the hands of local law enforcement. If you have an opinion or comment you would like to voice about this case, contact Sheriff Cory C. Pulsipher of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

Address: 5300 W, Hurricane, UT 84737
Phone:  (435) 656-6500

Please remember that it’s important to be civil when making contact with authorities. You might consider making notes or a list of things you want to discuss with the sheriff so you don’t forget anything or veer off-track from the purpose of your contact.

Your Donation is Needed

Your gift to Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, will help provide food, shelter, veterinary care and farrier services for this little colt the horses that has have suffered neglect and abuse his their entire life lives. We do not pay any salaries… we operate entirely with volunteers, so we rely 100% on donations from people like you!

Your gift will provide him, and other horses like him, with the care they need to heal and recover! Please consider giving today and help us create a better world for horses!

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100% of your donation goes to the care and feeding of the horses in our care, and may be tax deductible.


* Check with a tax professional to discuss your specific tax situation. We are not tax experts. Charitable donations totaling $75 or more will receive a ‘Donation Acknowledgment’ from Dust Devil Ranch for your tax records at years end.