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Tax Receipts for Charitable Gifts


Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As such, charitable gifts made to us are considered to be tax deductible contributions.

The Rules

IRS and Utah state rules for 501(c)(3) nonprofits…

  • Donations less than $75 do not require a tax letter. The receipt you get at the time of your donation is all you need.
  • For donations of $75 or more, Dust Devil Ranch is required to issue you a tax letter by January 31st of the year following your donation.
  • If you made donation(s) via PayPal, you received a receipt. If you can’t find it, you can easily get a duplicate (see instructions below).
  • If you made a donation with a check, your cancelled check is your receipt.
  • If you need a receipt for material (non-money) items donated, please go to https://dustdevilranch.org/material-donations-dust-devil-ranch/, complete and submit the form. Once we receive it, you will be emailed a receipt. It will be up to you to place a value or amount for your donation.

Do You Need a Tax Receipt?

When you donate money or material items to Dust Devil Ranch, you are provided via email a tax receipt at the time of your donation. If you plan to deduct your donation(s0 from your tax return, you need a…

  • Tax receipt for donations under $75
  • Year-end tax receipt for gifts of $75 or more

Regardless of how many times in a year you make a donation, a receipt is provided each time. Please keep it with your tax records. Tax receipts for donations totaling $75 or more are sent near the end of January of the year following your donation. If you provided us with an email address, your tax letter will be delivered to your inbox. If we don’t have your email address on file, your tax letter will be sent to you by US Mail.

The IRS requires that all donations be supported with bank records or receipts proving the value of the donation.

Donations Via Amazon Smile

Many of you purchase items through AmazonSmile or you buy items and donate them to Dust Devil Ranch. Immediately following any purchase from them, Amazon sends a receipt to your email. Because Amazon does not share a list of customers with us, the only way we have of knowing who donates material items purchased from them is when we receive them; but frequently donor’s names or other contact information is not included with the shipment, which means we have no idea who made the donation.

It is the responsibility of Amazon to provide you with a receipt for your purchases. If you need a copy for your records, Amazon will provide it to you.

How to Get a Duplicate Receipt from Amazon

  1. Login to your Amazon account.
  2. In the upper right portion of the screen, click on YOUR ACCOUNT > YOUR ORDERS > 2014 (or whatever period you’re looking for). Everything you ordered for that time period will show in the list that comes up.
  3. Find the items(s) you donated and under the order number on the far right-hand side, click the link VIEW ORDER DETAILS.
  4. Near the top right-hand side, click the button marked VIEW OR PRINT INVOICE.
  5. At the top of that page, click the link called PRINT THIS PAGE FOR YOUR RECORDS.

Instructions for Duplicate Receipts from PayPal

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Once logged in, you will be on the MY ACCOUNT page. Look for the VIEW ALL MY TRANSACTIONS link and click it.
  3. On that page, find your transaction(s) to Dust Devil Ranch and print for your records. This will be your receipt.

Please understand that the year-end means closing out our books — and that demands a substantial amount of work to accurately and properly complete. We basically have one person who handles everything (thank you, Christina!), and like everyone who works for our horse rescue, she donates her time, too.

We hope this information is useful for you. It is not advice — it is simply provided as a courtesy to you. Please do not base any decisions upon this — tax and financial advice is not our profession. Please consult with a professional for tax advice.

Finally, we’re so very grateful for your generous support. We couldn’t continue the important work of rescuing and rehabilitating horses without you!

Thank you again, from our heart to yours!

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100% of your donation goes to the care and feeding of the horses in our care, and may be tax deductible.

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