Meet Ginger

Ginger Grimes, Founder, Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for HorsesMy name is Ginger… I’m the Founder and President of Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses.

This horse rescue was founded after seeing the need in Southwest Utah — and you can see why in “Lady’s Story”.

Before moving to Southwest Utah, I started volunteering at a horse rescue in Maryland while waiting for my kids to finish school and the house to sell… and to pass the time and do some good for some beloved horses.

About six months after moving to Utah I was asked to return to Maryland to work with the Human Society of the United (HSUS) as an independent contractor for horse care to help with a case that was approaching trial.

While I was away, a “rescue” here in Southwest Utah came under investigation for neglect. Needless to say, after my return, I immediately filed for 501(c)(3) non-profit status, and within a few weeks those “rescued” horses were in my yard getting the food, fresh water, vet and hoof care they so desperately needed.